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• Pink Nitrile Gloves are back!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get your Ronco brand pink gloves and help support this cause! Only available for for a limited time.

• Winter Closure (so you can plan ahead)

We will be closed on Mon. Dec 24/18 and re-open Wed. Jan 2/19 at 9 am. The final day of deliveries is Thurs. Dec 20, and the final day to purchase items for billing before year-end is Fri. Dec 14.

• Did You Know?

We get free shipping from BD Biosciences, BioRad, FroggaBio, Grand & Toy, New England Biolabs (Cell Signalling), Qiagen, Sigma, VWR, Wesclean and ThermoFisher (Ambion, Applied Biosystems, Gibco, Invitrogen, etc.)

• Pipette Calibration

We are a drop-off point for pipette calibration through VWR. Please contact us for more information.

• New - Lab Updates Form - Add/Remove Speed Codes or Lab Members

To update speed codes or lab members for an account, please use the "Lab Updates" form (link in the left hand menu bar)

• Attention Dry Ice Users!

Please notify Stores Staff BEFORE taking Dry Ice for shipping or if you are taking more than 5 kg (scoops) in a day. If possible let us know at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can be sure there is enough available for all users. Thank you.

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